Cosmik can be described as a phantasmagorical preaching inspired by the spiritual eclecticism peculiar to the psychedelic movement and the contemporary syncretization of religious wisdom. It is rooted in the readings of a large variety of texts dealing with spirituality, metaphysics, morality, consciousness, psychedelism, schizophrenia, dreams, etc. To investigate modern beliefs, my research extends from ancestral writings and holy books to contemporary online forums. These texts are edited, theatralized, recorded and plunged in a surreal timeless soundscape. Ideas associations are left unexplained and for everyone to interpret. Therefore, readings are separated, yet linked by long-lasting episodes of so-called psychedelic music that work as a ground for reflection and wonder to arise. This anarchic, dynamic and subjective way of conveying knowledge corresponds to an epistemology reoriented towards sensibility, the marvelous and the unknown.


The project is composed of five pieces each 45 minutes long. The themes are respectively death, hell, madness, the cosmic snake and astral travels. My interest for spirituality and religion is merely rooted in a sociologic approach itself orientated towards an utopian hypothesis that can be summarized in that way : our neoliberal society is in desperate need of structure, and this structure, whatever it might be, can only come from the spirit.